When Thought Married Action

I was graced with the opportunity to put one of my most cherished beliefs to the test after being hit by a truck. I then reflected on the event on Facebook: “On Saturday… Continue reading

Is Originality Possible?

I once visualized a new food special for work: mini tacos. They would be the size of mini hot dogs, replete with meat, cheese, and all the tiny fixin’s. It was genius. Everyone… Continue reading

Taking Phrases for Granted

Saying we take something for granted is a terrible and loaded statement. Let’s use food for our example. It is common for someone to say Americans take our ability to consume food for… Continue reading

What is a Philosopher?

It’s simple to say that to some degree everyone is a philosopher. On some level this is true, for the easiest thing a philosopher can do is ask a question–Socrates loved asking questions.… Continue reading

Forgiving Yourself of Your Self Trespasses

All morality is social; no man can commit wrong against himself. This was the Facebook post that received the most comments in my five years on the website. It warrants elaboration, justification, and… Continue reading

Tracing our Selves

Self is as fascinating as any external curiosity–and harder to analyze. On an everyday level, Self is a combination of who and what we are. I must have been eleven when my mother… Continue reading

[Don’t] Judge Me!

This phrase has lost all meaning in the common usage. When people say¬†“don’t judge me,” sometimes they mean it playfully. No harm, no foul. Other times, however, this phrase loaded with accusatory meaning,… Continue reading

Thoughts on Thoughts

I’ve come across the notion more than once that we think only to the extent our vocabulary affords us a range of concepts. This is a ludicrous assertion. I have no formal experience… Continue reading

Philosophy of the Men’s Restroom

If wisdom comes with experience, then we should all have something to say about etiquette in public restrooms. Following are ten do’s and dont’s in public men’s restrooms: Always: Use the urinal furthest… Continue reading

What is Philosophy?

Philosophy is the art of forming opinion based on fact. If you look it up, you’re likely to find there are as many types of philosophy as there are definitions–even my definition above… Continue reading

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