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Forgetful Proverbs IX

Been absent for a while—but even I can only read them as they come… ;] 1. You can only remember what you once forgot. 2. Every decision made means another you can’t take; there’s… Continue reading

Forgetful Proverbs VIII

1. To be is to dance with other divines in the tragedy of life. 2. An open enemy is more respectable than a hidden friend. 3. Experience speaks in different languages but states the same thing. 4. The… Continue reading

Forgetful Proverbs VII

1. Wisdom is mere dross until refined in the fire of action. 2. Try to touch truth and it moves; wait patiently, and it comes to you. 3. Prophets are never ahead of… Continue reading

Forgetful Proverbs VI

Feels great to be back blogging! I was without computer or phone for eighteen days and remembered all 50 of my running Forgetful Proverbs, which attests to the dedication to and value I… Continue reading

Forgetful Proverbs V

Wisdom concerns changing circumstances; proverbs are timeless. Here are ten attempts to touch truth: 1. This moment is a memory in the mind of the future you. 2. From the moment you step… Continue reading

Forgetful Proverbs IV

Ten more aphorisms concerning this human experience :] Chapter IV 1. Truth is what you do when the elevator doors close. 2. There are no walls taller than the ones you build around… Continue reading

Forgetful Proverbs III

Chapter III 1. It is a wonder which is worse: to argue with a fool over matters of grave importance, or to argue with a philosopher over matters of little significance. 2. If… Continue reading

Forgetful Proverbs II

Truth is a song, and where most are content to repeat the chorus, I want to craft a new verse. Please enjoy these brief hors d’oeuvres of thought: Chapter II 1. Neither compliment… Continue reading

Forgetful Proverbs

    All philosophers love wisdom, but not all philosophers are wise. Nietzsche might have loved his cat — but he was no pussy. What I’m trying to say is that I make no… Continue reading

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