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Sociologists’ Failure to Address Gender

Something that has irked me for a while is the apparent failure of sociologists to make inroads dispersing the distinction between ‘sex’ and ‘gender.’ As an alumnus (no, not alumni–that’s plural, and I… Continue reading


I is not in deeds; I is not in mind. I bears no fruit—I tends the vine. I plucks the string; I tows the line. Deeds are fruit. Body is vine. To the… Continue reading

Reemergence, Reflections

A single 2-hour test stands between me and a bachelor of arts in philosophy. Most my mental resources have been diverted towards finishing this degree—for better, for worse. But to my modest readership… Continue reading

Six Smart Sayings

In a prior post I published a list of three best advices I’ve ever heard in person, but held back two due to their sexual nature, and remembered one other post publication. On… Continue reading

Can Competing Emotions Coexist?

Higher ed is a mountain with no peak. The final weeks of my undergraduate philosophy studies draw nigh, and I find myself looking back on five years of relentless intellectual stimulation. As I’ve… Continue reading

30 Things to Disparage

It’s quite certain I am not alone in holding many aversions. Because my recipe for blogging includes creativity, informity [just made that up], and honesty, I present a third list of thirty things with… Continue reading

30 (More) Despicable Things

Things I love to despise. It is what it is; these are not legislative, merely insights into things that I find irksome. People who stomp when they walk When people roll forward slowly… Continue reading

Three Best Words of Advice

Not that I haven’t received much advice, but being forgetful, I’ve a brief list of some of the best advice I remember receiving: 1. “If someone offers you money, never reject it.” –… Continue reading

Some Threshold of Despair

These words are not new, but they are my own. I was recently arrested for refusing to stop skateboarding on a bike trail near the shores of some nameless American commonwealth. I spent… Continue reading

30 Despicable Things

“One is just about to be told some interesting piece of news when a baby starts crying.” Written by Sei Shonagon, a tenth-century Japanese woman, in her work, The Pillow Book. Her compilation… Continue reading

A Question to my Readers

Greetings, reader! I sit on a stack of other writings, from poetry and creative nonfiction to politics and the paranormal. Do you think I ought to create separate blogs for different genres, such… Continue reading

Do Animals Take Their Own Lives?

Since one of the things philosophers do is ask questions, I put one forth: Do animals ever commit suicide? We’ve all seen the smushed creatures in the road — how many of them… Continue reading

Five Phases of Friendship

It is my observation that, broadly speaking, each friendship charts the following course: (1) You meet. (2) If first impressions fare well, you enter The Honeymoon Phase, where all is well — and… Continue reading

It’s Okay to be Wron.g

I prefer to concoct my own philosophies for reasons including the lack of references cluttering posts, but I have to share a most remarkable gem unearthed in Jean-Paul Sartre’s Existentialism, the phrase “regional… Continue reading

Philosophy of Selfies

We’ve all done it: that arm’s-length, high-angled facial snapshot (at least before the creation of rear-facing cameras) — but why? Are we really that selfish? I peer into a mirror To see just… Continue reading

When Thought Married Action

I was graced with the opportunity to put one of my most cherished beliefs to the test after being hit by a truck. I then reflected on the event on Facebook: “On Saturday… Continue reading

What is a Philosopher?

It’s simple to say that to some degree everyone is a philosopher. On some level this is true, for the easiest thing a philosopher can do is ask a question–Socrates loved asking questions.… Continue reading

Tracing our Selves

Self is as fascinating as any external curiosity–and harder to analyze. On an everyday level, Self is a combination of who and what we are. I must have been eleven when my mother… Continue reading

[Don’t] Judge Me!

This phrase has lost all meaning in the common usage. When people say “don’t judge me,” sometimes they mean it playfully. No harm, no foul. Other times, however, this phrase loaded with accusatory meaning,… Continue reading

Philosophy of the Men’s Restroom

If wisdom comes with experience, then we should all have something to say about etiquette in public restrooms. Following are ten do’s and dont’s in public men’s restrooms: Always: Use the urinal furthest… Continue reading

What is Philosophy?

Philosophy is the art of forming opinion based on fact. If you look it up, you’re likely to find there are as many types of philosophy as there are definitions–even my definition above… Continue reading

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