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You Are Not What You Do

It’s likely everyone has met at least one person who defends the notion that people are defined by what they do. Hell, any quick glance at the news or some publication will most likely introduce someone by their… Continue reading

People as Kaleidoscopes

At the level of everyday interaction, when in the immediate presence of another, you are observing the absolute smallest fraction of who that person is and ever will be. Riding my first bus… Continue reading

A Brief Mathematics of Intimacy

Methinks the best intimate relationships are those in which one can be alone (all-one?)—together. Not in diminution through mutual sacrificial subtractions, yea, surely not solely for multiplicative reproduction wherein 1 x 1 is… Continue reading

A Single Proof of Multiple Universes

I just found, of all things, a spoon in my car’s arm console. After some shock subsided, I realized the device actually could be of use, having been in a hotel without any… Continue reading

On Directing Human Evolution

It all started with a sneeze. I was twelve. “You can’t sneeze with your eyes open,” they said. “Says who?” I considered. Indeed, “Who is this authority that demands the erosion of my… Continue reading

Dissecting Destiny

Can free will can exist within a world created by a God who knows everything that will happen? Before delving in, it should be stated that this it is not my aim to… Continue reading

“To be OR not to be” Indeed

“To be or not to be” was a supreme soliloquy. Let us see what it means philosophically. I once read about a woman who experienced something so shocking it sent her into a… Continue reading

A Pre[r]amble to Spirit

    It’s critical my mass has surpassed the Visible and will outlast every blast and verbal attack knowing this: that every individual is wholly indivisible and I know I’m not invincible but… Continue reading

The Inadequacy of History

Five years ago I was playing Tetris with six-pound packs of Angus burgers, cartons of eggs, and other oddly shaped foodstuffs, packing them onto a cart for work. My coworker, whom I had… Continue reading

How to Have it All and Lose Nothing

Hold life in your hands — but never touch it. There it is. There’s the key to having everything and losing nothing. But what does it mean? To begin with the first half,… Continue reading

Is Originality Possible?

I once visualized a new food special for work: mini tacos. They would be the size of mini hot dogs, replete with meat, cheese, and all the tiny fixin’s. It was genius. Everyone… Continue reading

Tracing our Selves

Self is as fascinating as any external curiosity–and harder to analyze. On an everyday level, Self is a combination of who and what we are. I must have been eleven when my mother… Continue reading

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