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We Are Not Equal

Ever since coming across the term equality, I’ve cradled certain curiosities concerning its meaning, origin, and purpose[s]. Everyone remembers this iconic scene of the USS Equality with its nose up, buckling under its… Continue reading

On Directing Human Evolution

It all started with a sneeze. I was twelve. “You can’t sneeze with your eyes open,” they said. “Says who?” I considered. Indeed, “Who is this authority that demands the erosion of my… Continue reading

The Burden of Creativity

Pride is a deadly sin—but did you know the term “hubris,” or, “excessive pride,” was concocted to prevent ancient Greeks from pissing off the gods? Where are those gods now? I’ll let it… Continue reading

A One-Sentence Morality of Suicide

Seemingly simple, following is my fifteen-word statement concerning the morality of suicide. These words are but fillers so that the sentence does not appear to those who do not click to read :]… Continue reading

A Philosophy of Regret

Regret, as we know it, does not exist. What has traditionally been called “regret” is actually a misnomer for shame, disappointment, guilt, mourning, etc., of outcomes — not decisions. We typically understand regret as being… Continue reading

Shit You Thought Was in the Bible [But Isn’t]

There is much useful and poetic wisdom in the world’s most popular book, much morality too — but have we got our references right? Let’s address a few: “God helps those who help… Continue reading

Good from Bad, Right from Wrong

Today I attempt to clarify five popular terms. Morality concerns proper or improper human behaviour. Morality targets those issues that can be deemed “right” or “wrong,” “moral” or “immoral.” For example, it is… Continue reading

Degrees of Deception

Recently, my very learned Phenomenology and Existentialism professor appeared uncertain about whether intent was a necessary condition for lying. The answer seemed quite apparent to me–but I was a bit stunned that she… Continue reading

It is Better to Truth than to Deceive

All this talk about the value of a life being primarily in direct proportion to its contribution to others — how often do we question this concept? [What a better day than Martin… Continue reading

The Death of Duty, or, Shalt Thou Really?

“By a show of hands,” I told the peers in my first philosophy class, “how many of you ever asked to be born?” Standing before them, I counted aloud, “OK, one…two…four in the… Continue reading

Forgiving Yourself of Your Self Trespasses

All morality is social; no man can commit wrong against himself. This was the Facebook post that received the most comments in my five years on the website. It warrants elaboration, justification, and… Continue reading

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