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Defining Hell

Here’s a fun question: What would your hell be like? Of course we need not believe in the existence of hell, but methinks the exercise will prove worthwhile and interesting. Dante of course… Continue reading

Dissecting Destiny

Can free will can exist within a world created by a God who knows everything that will happen? Before delving in, it should be stated that this it is not my aim to… Continue reading

Shit You Thought Was in the Bible [But Isn’t]

There is much useful and poetic wisdom in the world’s most popular book, much morality too — but have we got our references right? Let’s address a few: “God helps those who help… Continue reading

[Don’t] Judge Me!

This phrase has lost all meaning in the common usage. When people say¬†“don’t judge me,” sometimes they mean it playfully. No harm, no foul. Other times, however, this phrase loaded with accusatory meaning,… Continue reading

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