Forgetful Proverbs IX

Been absent for a while—but even I can only read them as they come… ;]

1. You can only remember what you once forgot.

2. Every decision made means another you can’t take; there’s only one pie: life’s a zero-sum game.image

3. Active ignorance moves more than silent genius.

4. Clear sight means to see everything but observe nothing.

5. When fictions give way, nothing remains [(the world we experience is the one in our brains) the life that we live is the life we create—do you get what I’m trying to say?]

6. A paradox of loneliness is that it touches more than one.

7. Life is measured in successes; failures measure you.

8. It’s safe to assume not all revere truth.

9. Sometimes you’ve gotta just take it in the face.

10. There is an art to falling, too.

In continuation of Forgetful Proverbs VIII.