Six Smart Sayings

In a prior post I published a list of three best advices I’ve ever heard in person, but held back two due to their sexual nature, and remembered one other post publication. On the surface some might appear simple, but put in action and truly contemplated they have proven insightful nonintellectual truths.

1. “If someone offers you money, never reject it.” – grandfather, John Palmer

2. [When it comes to a job,] “you gotta just find your pole and work it.” April

3. “Screw up beautifully.” – psychology professor Kevin Rand

4. “You’ve gotta do what’s right, for you.” – restaurant manager Keith Gurley

5. “Pussy is pussy—what matters is whether you like a girl.” Kenny, married

6. If you keep doing something you feel bad about, it’s much easier and more successful to change your beliefs about that behavior than it is to change the behavior. Kevin Rand