30 Things to Disparage

It’s quite certain I am not alone in holding many aversions. Because my recipe for blogging includes creativity, informity [just made that up], and honesty, I present a third list of thirty things with which I take issue:


  1. America’s endless barrage of holidays
  2. The fact that I’ll probably never figure out life
  3. Realizing there was still some pee left after putting “it” away
  4. People who crane their necks looking for a bus as thought that’d make it come any sooner
  5. Food-eating during a lecture
  6. When someone pours you a drink and the tip of the drink clanks on your cup
  7. Bluetooth earpieces
  8. Wearing shades inside
  9. When someone asks, “How are you?”, especially if they don’t care to follow up the response
  10. That Apple won’t auto-correct my ducking curse words correctly
  11. When your headphone cord gets snagged on something and tears the plugs out the ears
  12. A flurry of selfies
  13. A flurry of blurry selfies
  14. That so few take genuine photos
  15. A forced smile
  16. When someone tells you “x costs extra” as if you cared
  17. When someone fails to tell you “x costs extra” and you cared
  18. When someone you find cute doesn’t look at you long enough
  19. When someone you find threatening looks at you too long
  20. How every page of a book stays down except the ones you are reading
  21. Tan lines that marbleize otherwise nice-looking breasts
  22. When a public restroom is designed such that its occupants can be seen when the door opens
  23. A high-pitched voice from a grown adult
  24. When you can see the plaque in someone’s teeth
  25. The misuse of the phrase “hit OR miss”
  26. Feeling the need to say hello
  27. When in direct presence of another they ask “What?” as if your eyes weren’t already speaking
  28. How you can kill a great song by listening to it too much
  29. While talking someone happens to spit and it’s too awkward to acknowledge
  30. White socks

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