30 (More) Despicable Things

Things I love to despise.

It is what it is; these are not legislative, merely insights into things that I find irksome.

  1. People who stomp when they walk
  2. When people roll forward slowly before the light turns green
  3. When someone leaves a football-field’s distance between them and the car ahead of them at a stop
  4. Red lipstick on super pale skin
  5. Red lipstick on super dark skin
  6. Red lipstick
  7. Lipstick
  8. The color red
  9. Not knowing which eye to look into in the cross-eyed ;(
  10. Wanting to tell a girl how well she’s dressed but fearing being targeted for harassment
  11. Wanting to tell a guy how well he’s dressed but fearing their finding it offensive/”gay”
  12. When someone uses the handicap button because they’re too lazy to open a door themselves
  13. Having an itch in a private area at the least opportune time
  14. Arriving at a home where the owner hasn’t deemed you worthy enough to clean up for
  15. Someone else’s child’s crying
  16. Finding an error only after publication, even after sevral proofreads
  17. Clothing that doesn’t fit well–on you or on viewing it upon another
  18. White trim on the outer sole of shoes
  19. People who post their having completed some domestic chore on Facebook
  20. A picture of someone’s dinner having clearly been partly eaten
  21. Commercials
  22. The question, “Is it case-sensitive?”
  23. The placement of the letter on a keyboard
  24. Holding a cold beverage with more that just the fingertips
  25. A professor who thinks themselves above their students
  26. Someone who is overly kind
  27. The color pink and the color red anywhere near each other
  28. Someone who, having control to the contrary, has let their figure devolve
  29. That most people don’t meet your gaze as you walk past them, or else quickly shy away
  30. That we lack the courage to be truly our selves

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