Forgetful Proverbs VIII

1. To be is to dance with other divines in the tragedy of life.

2. An open enemy is more respectable than a hidden friend.image

3. Experience speaks in different languages but states the same thing.

4. The key to life is to relish in decay, to cherish as it fades.

5. Self is little more than what rhymes in the tyranny of time. 

6. Apologies suit deeds—but never modes of being.

7. Self awareness is realizing a cat is helpless to enjoy playing with a laser as much as you are helpless to enjoy watching it play.

8. Everyone hears voices—what matters is whose we heed.

9. Moved by desires we cannot control, we seek in others qualities over which they too are powerless to change.

10. Knowledge is power, but ignorance moves too. It’s not enough to know; there comes a time to do. 

In continuation of Forgetful Proverbs VII