Forgetful Proverbs VII

1. Wisdom is mere dross until refined in the fire of action.

2. Try to touch truth and it moves; wait patiently, and it comes to you.

3. Prophets are never ahead of their time; the ignorant always lag behind.image

4. Humility is not fit for all occasions: sometimes a man simply has a big dick, and ought to be free to say it.

5. Virtue lies between extremes that must be tasted to be known: How do you know what you love ’til you hear it? What you hate ’til you fear it?

6. Indecision is a supreme vice: there is as much experience in a poor decision as in one that’s right.

7. Some say, “What you do for yourself dies with you; what you do for others lives forever”—failing to realize that others die too.

8. The philosopher who only questions lingers at the level of childlike curiosity.

9. Assume everything will fail. Then disappointment dies, and successes become surprising delights.

10. To bore of something is to have mastered it.

I think.

In continuation of Forgetful Proverbs VI