Forgetful Proverbs VI

Feels great to be back blogging! I was without computer or phone for eighteen days and remembered all 50 of my running Forgetful Proverbs, which attests to the dedication to and value I place on these thoughtful tidbits :] In addition to somehow shirking forgetfulness, I’ve concocted several more:

1. Talking is for men, prayer for the gods—but music is for everyone.

2. Respect enemies, but fear former friends.

3. Philosophy is fiction for those who dislike novels.

4. Even mountains can be climbed, but there is no known limit of the mind.

image5. The brute is guided by nothing but whim; the clever chart courses by constellations. Yet the wise know of a North Star brighter than mere celestial light.

6. Truth is like curly hair: try to tame it and it unravels, but leave it be and it coils together on its own.

7. Strength lies not in absence of weaknesses but in identifying them and compensating accordingly.

8. A diviner foretells the future, but is lesser than the prophet or oracle, who discourse with the divine. But by definition the sage alone is wise, with words fitting for everyone throughout all time.

9. The key to comfort is to want everything but need nothing.

10. “Knowledge is power,”* but strength is still stronger.

I think.

– In continuance of Forgetful Proverbs V.

* This phrase is attributed to Sir Francis Bacon