Forgetful Proverbs V

Wisdom concerns changing circumstances; proverbs are timeless. Here are ten attempts to touch truth:

1. This momeimagent is a memory in the mind of the future you.

2. From the moment you step outside, know that at least one person is watching; be sure to put on a good show.

3. Never accept something you wouldn’t always keep; never reveal what you wouldn’t want all eyes to see.

4. Act in public as though your deeds were unseen; act in public as though the whole world were watching.

5. It is equally pointless to condemn wrong deeds in someone with an evil nature as it is to praise good deeds in someone whose nature is to do good.

6. All discovery has its root in ignorance.

7. Most tensions rest upon differences of opinion, not matters of fact.

8. Some view concretes as others view ideas: as mere abstractions — and they’re both right.

9. When one man speaks, all humanity listens.

10. There are times when life sucks. Just remember, life is an orgy: no one walks through it without getting fucked.

I think.

– In continuation of Forgetful Proverbs IV.