A Question to my Readers

imageGreetings, reader!

I sit on a stack of other writings, from poetry and creative nonfiction to politics and the paranormal. Do you think I ought to create separate blogs for different genres, such as one for poetry, another for creative nonfiction, another for philosophy?

Do you suppose it’s better to keep all these disparate publications available on a single site, where you aren’t opening different windows/tabs when crossing genres? Or, do you think keeping a bunch of different types of publications waters down the interest a reader may have in one particular subject?

I found this sign that appears to market a kaleidoscope of services: a cafe, a salon, and massage therapy. Do you prefer access to all a writer has to offer, or do you prefer to stick to single subjects?

Consider also the effects of garnering readership: does spreading out one’s writings on separate sites lower or heighten possible followers?


Comment for any other input!

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