A Pre[r]amble to Spirit

It’s critical
my mass
has surpassed the Visible
and will outlast every blast
and verbal attack
knowing this:
that every individual
is wholly indivisible
and I know I’m not
but I believe
in the Eternal
and invisible…

Thought embodies infinitely greater value than concrete reality, for while it can house every known concrete, Thought can also concoct conceptions to categorize concretes and fashion abstractions concerning unperceived concretes, which permits of making ‘real’ what once was not.

Contrariwise, reason supposes that because it arises out of a concrete organ, the brain, Thought is somehow of lesser value than the concrete.

This cannot be so.

Anything that can both contain and transcend its constituent elements must embody greater value. For, while our bodies arise out of and are perhaps inextricably anchored to concrete reality, our personality, who we are, is largely abstract and conceptual, defined by and taking into account concrete realities whilst also forging a conception about ourselves that transcends the fickle finite particulars of sensory concretes.

Therefore you are infinitely greater than concrete reality.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that like imagination, the Self possesses the capacity to be and also transcend what is by considering what could be, thereby making it more than it appears to be. You are not mere body. You are not an entity bound only to physical reality.

You are capable of dining with the divine through discourse of the mind by apprehending and concretizing limitless possibilities. You’ve a foot in the Earthly and a foot in the unseen.

“To be or not to be?” Hardly.

To see or not to see! To seize or not to seize! You are better than body: You possess the capacity to apprehend infinity whilst anchored in bounded reality.

You are not a finite being flirting with infinity;

You are an Infinite flirting with finite reality.

Or at least the unseen intermediary…

I think.