Forgetful Proverbs IV

Ten more aphorisms concerning this human experience :]

imageChapter IV

1. Truth is what you do when the elevator doors close.

2. There are no walls taller than the ones you build around yourself.

3. Ignorance is a burden, wisdom a plus. But where some know too little, others see too much.

4. Life is a puzzle only partially complete. Put the pieces together; you create the meaning.

5. No one follows rules — they follow consequences.

6. A law without consequence is merely a suggestion.

7. If hardship produces character, then life is the greatest gift.

8. If life is the greatest gift, we should be free to accept or reject it.

9. Do whatever you want, because you already are.

10. Life is the only fiction you get to make real.

I think.

In continuation of Forgetful Proverbs III