Forgetful Proverbs III

imageChapter III

1. It is a wonder which is worse: to argue with a fool over matters of grave importance, or to argue with a philosopher over matters of little significance.

2. If life is a song, then déjà vu is its chorus.

3. Laws cannot permit; they can only restrict. We are born in perfect freedom — and perish for want of it.

4. If we are born with nothing and leave with nothing, then we can during the whole of life suffer no loss — only gainful experience.

5. Law and morality are strongest when enforced directly by the subordinates over whom they were initially created to control.

6. To follow the leader is not to tread the same path, but to emulate those qualities that will help create your own.

7. Crazy is great as a seasoning, but terrible as a main dish.

8. Truth is dark enough to frighten, bright enough to blind. So look it not in the eye, but a little to the side.

9. When attempting something bold or “dangerous,” you aren’t flirting with death — you’re flirting with life.

10. The mind is the arena that permits greatest freedom. Any act to limit thought is the highest of treason.

I think.

Continued from Forgetful Proverbs II.