Forgetful Proverbs II

The padlock of truth to the door of wisdom

Truth is a song, and where most are content to repeat the chorus, I want to craft a new verse.

Please enjoy these brief hors d’oeuvres of thought:

Chapter II

1. Neither compliment nor curse spill their contents alone. Each appear at the gates of your esteem wrapped in the style of the sender, and — whether solicited or not — only you have the power to sign for or reject them.

2. Every dollar you have, you took from someone else.

3. When it comes to success, be thou hungry — but appear full.

4. The Self is at once created and destroyed in the presence of others.

5. When it comes to life, want everything — but need nothing.

6. It is no small insult to meet someone in every way just like you.

7. To be dignified is to hold head high and proud, to stand tall and apart but never look down on the crowd.

8. The trick to admiration is to build muscle — but never flex.

9. There is no “society”; there is no “group.” Only individuals in masses move.

10. If everyone gave voice to their true thoughts and feelings, we’d make the greatest of friends — and strongest of enemies.

I think.

In continuation of the first Forgetful Proverbs.