Forgetful Proverbs




All philosophers love wisdom, but not all philosophers are wise. Nietzsche might have loved his cat — but he was no pussy.

What I’m trying to say is that I make no claim as to accuracy of my thought or the greatness of my wisdom. I write out of necessity, to quell the cacophony of concepts that have made my mind their home.

All that being stated, please enjoy these little hors d’oeuvres of thought. I hope to serve more soon.




Chapter I

  1. People want to have lucid dreams — but they ought to lead lucid lives.
  1. No one is more interested in another than they are in themselves.
  1. Desire, once attained, loses its alluring flame.
  1. Facts are meaningless compared to opinions that are formed of them.
  1. To make another laugh to is gain power over them.
  1. Those who fail to lead will forever follow.
  1. All life is a series of decay and rebirth.
  1. Pure thought is divine, pure action profane. To be human is to unite both enterprises — to lack either is the mark of inhumanity.
  1. It is often said, “Don’t let it go to your head,” but you ought to let everything go to your head — just not your heart.
  1. There are two things to respect, yes, three things to adore: beauty, intelligence, and courage — these, and little more.
I think.
Credit where credit is due: these thoughts are mine, but the concept is patently pulled from that biblical Book of Proverbs.